Interview: Idolising Nova

Our friends over at Indie Central Music premiered the Peterborough trio’s brand-new track ‘Party Through The Night’ last Thursday, and we couldn’t miss the opportunity to catch up with Idolising Nova to learn more about their latest single & more!

‘Party Through the Night’ sees the band continue their upward trajectory, following the release of this stellar single ‘Run Away’ earlier this year. Without an EP to their name, the band have already played festivals like 110 Above and Y Not Festival. Additionally, the band’s endlessly energetic live show saw them land a coveted support slot on The Vamps’ Night and Day European Tour, taking in European cities such as Amsterdam, Paris and Cologne.

We grabbed a chat with Jack Smith, the band’s lead singer and bassist, about their new single, their influences, their hopes for the future & more!

You’ve just dropped your brand new single ‘Party Through The Night’, what led you to pen the track?

I was at work one Monday morning after spending the weekend with some mates and was proper suffering with that Monday morning feeling. You live your everyday life at school, college, work etc but all you really wanna be doing is going out and having fun with your mates. It comes to the weekend and you have the best time with your mates, then you have to go your separate ways, back to the daily grind. This is what “Party Through The Night” is all about. The track itself gives you the feeling of escapism for a few minutes as well!

‘Discover’ was the first tune you released back in 2016. How do you think you’ve changed as a band since then?

We’ve matured, we’ve written more music, we’ve played more shows and we’ve generally become more experienced as a band. In those 3 years we’ve had some highs, but plenty of lows and we’ve learnt a lessons, but it’s made us push ourselves as musicians, work hard, work with good people who believe in us and that’s reflected in our new music and our big, interactive live show. 

Who are the biggest influences on your sound and why?

We are all really into bands with big, catchy, anthemic music and who put on a great live show, so bands like Imagine Dragons, Bastille, Chainsmokers etc definitely have an influence on our sound.

As a band, what things are most important to you?

The most important thing for us since the day we formed is to have fun and enjoy everything that we do. If we’re not having fun or enjoying ourselves, our live shows will be poor and we’d write sh*t music… the day we don’t enjoy playing music is the day we’ll stop.

You supported The Vamps on their Night and Day European tour, how was that experience?

It was the best experience of our lives! Three boys from Peterborough who were used to playing in front of 200 people or less being given the chance to perform to 3000 people a night… we had nothing to lose so we just enjoyed every second and had a proper party with the lively crowds!

How did you all meet and get together?

Me and Kris have known each other for years through playing Ice Hockey. I’d never been in a band before Idolising Nova, but Kris & Kyle were in a band which split up just as I decided to start a band. We had a jam playing a few covers, then we wrote and released our first single which got played on BBC Radio 2, then our first gig sold out and we’ve never looked back since!

If you had to describe your new single ‘Party Through The Night’ in three words

Big, catchy and anthemic!

Finally, what are you most excited about for the future?

We really want to play shows to big crowds all over the world. Nothing we’d love more than to be able to see more of the world and play shows every night.


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