Alternative Pop singer songwriter Ever is today premiering the visually stunning video for her recent single Close which was released on the 23rd August via Yada Yada Records. 

The single itself is intoxicating with its dreamy soundscape and honest and raw lyricism which is in itself still ethereal and enchanting.

The video is no different. Set in the landscape of the New Forest, it sees Louise Smith, the mastermind behind Ever, riding around on her bicycle whilst singing the lyrics back to us. Directed by Marcus Rexford, the video has a nostalgic and retro atmosphere which perfectly compliments the track itself.

Cycling around alone, the video projects feelings of isolation, however, in reality that is far from what the single is about. Whilst speaking about Close, Ever explains that it is a ‘playful story about being in a relationship bubble when you’re far from home. I wanted to capture that sense of losing time when you’re wrapped up in the intensity of a trip, whether it’s sorting out your problems and differences, or enjoying every second of each other’s company’. 

Inspired by the likes of LANY, Tracy Chapman and Emily King and with a track produced by Scott Verill, better known as indie-pop singer songwriter kwassa, Ever has established herself as a number one player in the dreamy pop game.

You can watch the video for Close down below and keep in touch with Ever through her socials: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Spotify to follow the journey of this promising act.



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