INTERVIEW: Rich Jacques

Searching for the perfect summer soundtrack? Rich Jacques’ new single Every Time might just provide the goods.

Effortlessly smooth guitar licks, soulful melodies and breezy vocal harmonies glide seamlessly over velvety bass lines and laid-back drums.

Keen to find out more, I had a chat to Rich about his career so far and the inspiration for Every Time

Hey Rich! I love your new single Every Time – it’s the perfect summer’s day tune! How was it written / recorded?

Thank you!

I started recording it as I was writing it with Alex Palazzo. We tapped into a mood and just ran with it. Alex is a great guitar player and his jazzy riffs offered a fun spirit to the session.

After we got the foundation, I worked backwards and had my buddy Bill Lefler do some drum programming, Daniel Rhine to lay down a smooth bass and then topped it off with Lisa Loeb’s lovely vocals.

You’re a Grammy-winning producer, so I’m guessing you must have worked with some great people. Who and what inspires you to make your own music?

Anytime I hear someone at the top of their game, it’s so inspiring. I recently just saw Bruno Major (not to be confused with Bruno Mars) in LA and was blown away by the musicianship and songwriting. I’ve always been a fan of great songwriters like Paul Simon and Leonard Cohen.

I see you’ve worked in a lot of different musical genres and work roles. What’s been your favourite musical experience to date?

Ah, honestly there have been so many great experiences that are so different it’s hard to compare.

I’ve always been a big fan of Colin Hay (Men at Work) and Glen Phillips (Toad the Wet Sprocket), so it was a real joy getting a chance to write and record with both of them.

If you could perform live anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

The Hollywood Bowl – to do a show there would be a dream. It’s such an iconic venue, and I think for the kind of music I’m doing it would be the perfect setting.

What are your plans for the rest of this year? Any shows coming up?

I’m still in writing recording mode at the moment but would love to get out this fall, maybe get in front of someone as an opener.

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