SINKA, a heavy hitting three-piece from Watford are beginning to make a name for themselves after releasing ‘Fussy’ last year.  Perhaps a little heavier than what Turtle Tempo would usually review but when we heard the soaring vocals and the pounding riffs, it was clear the band had a special sound and we had to be the ones to listen to it. 

The track is exciting and different – it constantly builds and better still, it delivers. Their rich vocals are complimented perfectly when met by the crunching guitar riffs and powerful background drums. The song encapsulates a perfect peak and trough structure – heaviness is met by light melodies and catchy lyrics which make for an audibly interested and dynamic track which makes us want to listen to it again and again. 

After releasing their first single, ‘You Run’ in 2016, the band worked on new music and have come back with something that promises an exciting and dynamic debut EP when it is released in the summer. We’re incredibly excited to hear what range of music is featured on the EP as we’re convinced they have something special to deliver. 

It’s not just us either, SINKA played at Camden Rocks Alt-Rock All-Dayer in April and were subsequently booked to play at Camden Rocks Festival itself in June, where the band will be performing on Saturday 1stJune at The Monarch at 7pm and on Sunday 2ndJune at the Black Heart at 2pm. If you can’t make Camden Rocks, try and get down to one of their other performances throughout London and surrounding areas – they promise an incredible live show. 

Make sure you check out ‘Fussy’ and follow SINKA on Facebook, Instagram and Spotify to keep up to date with their new releases. 

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