NEW MUSIC: ‘Lady Lovesick’ by Kosmonauts

Kosmonauts are a talented quartet from Manchester who have returned again with a Lady Lovesick, a unique blend of rich melodies and catchy lyrics. The track follows Falling Apart, which was released earlier this year and reaffirmed Kosmonauts position in the emerging indie music scene. 

The track is powerful and it certainly has everything, it intertwines infectious lyrics that no doubt will be stuck in your head for days alongside the ironically feel good rhythm. The track already has over 10,000 streams and for good reason, you are constantly hooked throughout the song and by the time it has finished, you are ready to listen to it all over again.

Lyrically, the track illustrates a girl who desires the idea of a loving relationship but is so clouded when it’s in front of her that she doesn’t see that it’s not right.  The band allude that the song is a ‘conversation from the perspective of the friend who sees the fault in her logic but knows she won’t listen’. Though it tells the tale of a heart-breaking story, the tracks thrashing rhythm will have you momentarily forgetting the trials and tribulations of modern day romances and friendships and instead transport you to a new feel-good world. 

You can listen to the track here and also make sure you check out the beautifully-produced lyrics video which the band have recently released down below. 

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