INTERVIEW: Videocean

Born in a video game bar in Peckham (Four Quarters – one of my favourite spots, highly recommended), four-piece psychedelic pop band Videocean introduce their latest single Genes.

Accompanied by a vibrant animated video, Genes is a foot-tapping, body-pumping single encouraging you to dive head first into Videocean’s world.

Playful synths and funky bass lines punctuate a swirling backdrop of nostalgic electronica, while lead singer Perry laments about the current socio-political climate and appeals for a fairer system.

I caught up with the South London-based band to find out more about their origins and what’s coming up next…

Hey Videocean! Tell me a bit about yourselves – how did you form as a band?

Hello! The band were drawn together by bassist / vocalist Perry, having previously played in various different groups with all other members. Videocean was conceived in a video game bar in Peckham.

I love your new single Genes. It explores themes of social politics whilst being infectiously catchy. What’s the story behind the song and how was it written / produced?


Well, the lyrics were written by a fed up Ross while he was walking his dog on Peckham Rye common. Having listened to a lot of O’Jays and Curtis Mayfield, he took a guitar loop sent around by Neil, added the words and a melody, and then the group turned it all into a song.

Our drummer / producer / engineer / mixmaster Rob had recently returned from a stint with French producer Philippe Zdar, so we incorporated elements from disco and modern electronics in the studio to get a big danceable groove.

The animated video is great. Who made it?

Thanks again. Our singer / bassist / visual direction exec. Perry made it – many many hours of digital animation that was.

Who are your biggest musical idols / influences?

There’s loads but all roads tend to lead back to Bowie, although we do have a playlist on Spotify and YouTube with all our current favs.

Have you got any live shows coming up soon?

We do! We’re doing an irregular residency at Rye Wax in Peckham and the next one is 3rd April with Protection Spells, who are great.

We’re also playing the Bad Friday Festival at the Windmill on 19th April which should be fun, loads of great bands playing that.

What’s the best advice you’ve been given as musicians?

Enjoy whatever it is you’re doing and do it in your own voice.

If you could recommend an album for our readers to listen to, what would it be?

Superfly by Curtis Mayfield.

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