Get set for Polo – a bold, future-pop band hailing from Leeds creating infectiously catchy songs laced with hip-hop and RnB influences.

Their new single On My End – accompanied by a beautifully-shot, hypnotic video – demands attention with powerful vocal hooks, brooding synth lines and plucky percussion.

Having been granted PRS funding for the second time and recently signed to Tipping Point Records, 2019 seems set to be Polo’s year. I had a chat to the band to find out more…

Congrats on your new single On My End. How did the song come about and what was the writing / recording process like?

OME is one of the rare occasions where the first idea was the only idea. Every idea any one of us had was completely accepted by the rest; we threw everything at it and nothing got rejected, and we resulted in a song that is uniquely Polo, yet still shines as a personal achievement for all of us.

The riff, chords and percussion were written on the first ever session and remained unchanged throughout the process. We worked fast, didn’t second guess ourselves and I think you can hear this in the track.

Who are your main musical influences?

Hip-Hop / RnB as a genre is really ahead of the game when it comes to the modern era of music consumption, so we take a lot of influence from that.

Collectively we have a pretty broad taste too – from RnB, electronic dance music, Afrobeat and pop music. We try and collate these into our sound.

I see you’ve got a few more live shows coming up in March. What’s been your favourite live experience to date?

Performing at The Great Escape last year was incredible. It was a beautiful day, and the show went down a storm. We’ll have great memories from that weekend, for sure.

What’s the best advice you’ve been given as a band?

To expect periods of inactivity and to be as proactive as possible during these times. Don’t get down if things aren’t at a constant high. 

You’ve recently signed to Tipping Point Records. What’s coming up for you in 2019? Can we expect some more new music?

It’s great to finally have support, and yes, you can definitely expect new music. This really is going to be our hardest working year and it only starts with On My End.

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