TRACK REVIEW: ‘Papier-mâché’ by Michael Jablonka

Michael Jablonka is hotly tipped as one of the country’s best upcoming guitarists and songwriters. His latest single ‘Papier-mâché’ is a melting pot of garage rock and roots blues and folk, while featuring a guitar solo that is so impressive it’s led to comparisons to Jimi Hendrix.

Those opinions are based on fact – it’s a masterful solo – but making a comparison to Hendrix this early in Jablonka’s career, without hearing an album, is jumping the gun just a little. There’s more to Hendrix then fast guitar playing. His technique, knowledge of scales and songwriting ability is a combination of natural ability and hard work, so I’m going reserve judgement until Jablonka’s debut album (time will tell). 

That doesn’t take away from the excitement building around this homegrown talent who is clearly an innovative musician and songwriter. Lyrically, Papier-mâché is a metaphor for an emotion that is difficult to confront and delicate if left unnurtured. 

Jablonka is the kind of songwriter that grabs their guitar and plays without fear, creating music by mixing every influence soaked up over time and expelling them into little masterpieces. Papier-mâché takes you by the hand and leads you into the darkness. The song is gritty at times but for those who love a big chorus and even bigger solos, it’s a journey worth taking.

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