FRIDAY’S FINEST – FOXE, The Black Roses, James White, Sunshine Frisbee Laserbeam

Friday’s Finest is a brand new weekly collaboration between Turtle Tempo, It’s All Indie, Nexus and Clunk Magazine. As each week we select a quartet of songs that we have been loving for the past several days.

Our pick: FOXE – Frequency

Frequency is arguably our most favourite release from Guildford trio FOXE to date, and we quite simply cannot get enough of this addictive sing-along indie hit, we adore the guitar riffs, the drums, and we want their frequency. An ultimate toe-tapper from the three amigos who will undoubtedly and deservedly be hitting multiple festival stages from 2019 onwards. We’re extremely proud to be hosting an all-day FOXE Fest on Sunday 21st October at Hoxton Square Bar + Kitchen and we just cannot wait for it! Dutchkid, The Covasettes, Suzi Island and multiple more indie stars of the near future will be playing. Tickets are priced at just £6.50 on the DICE app – so go and get them tiger… HERE.

Michael from Nexus‘ pick: The Black Roses – El Diablo

We thought that you might want an artist this week who we have been shouting about for a few weeks. Because, when in doubt, keep shouting… right? The Black Roses are a four-piece straight out of LDN (London for those who are less in the know. Keep up!). Their latest track El Diablo is well up there in our estimations. You can hear early Arctic Monkeys and Queens of the Stone Age amongst the influences the band has. You’ll also note that the track becomes soaked in guitar riff goodness that seamlessly blends with reverberant tonality. A tonality that will even make your gran head bang until she settles down for an afternoon nap. Take a leaf out of our book and just get it on your playlist already! Oh, and props to all of the head-banging grans out there. It’s a niche audience, but you they’re there!

Fred from It’s All Indie‘s pick: James White – Where Did You Sleep Last Night?

James White – for those who don’t know – is a musician who has given all profits from his first two EPs to refugee charities and is a well known name around the Essex, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire scene. Here we have his amazing cover of “Where Did You Sleep Last Night” (in the style of the Nirvana cover made famous by their MTV Session), originally by Lead Belly and recorded in 1944 only a handful of musicians and bands have done a cover of this and made a good one at that, turns out James White is one of those musicians. He has more heart and soul in his voice here (arguably more than Kurt), and with the highly produced sheen spun upon it this is definitely one of the best versions of the track I’ve personally ever heard.

Kieran from Clunk Magazine: Sunshine Frisbee Laserbeam – Meatloaf To The Camera

Coming out of the dark corners of Birmingham is a the power pop punk collective Sunshine Frisbee Laserbeam, a band that match power-pop ballads with dark sentiments. Their latest offering ‘Meatloaf To The Camera’ is a gorgeous slice of pop-punk that is wonderfully infectious, it fuses the best elements of the 90’s/early 00’s pop-punk scene reminiscent of bands such as Weezer. The track captures the mood of a relationship in breakdown, two people cascading towards heartbreak. Although it’s not all doom and gloom as lead singer Pete Dixon explains “It’s about a doomed relationship, like a love song but where things just get worse from the moment it starts. Kind of the reverse of the usual love ballad, it changes key at the end which I like to think represents that optimism of picking yourself up and trying again.”

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