PREMIERE: ‘Thursday’ by Citrus 

Not to be confused with the ’90s Japanese band of the same name, Basingstoke’s Citrus writes songs documenting life in and around RG21. Citrus is a welcomed addition to the world of female-led bands. Singer Daisy’s vocal style is unique and stands out from other similar bands – it’s the first thing you’ll notice when listening to the band’s latest single ‘Thursday’.

This is Citrus’ follow-up to their much-revered debut single ‘Takeout’. The rhythm section forms a solid canvas as the lead guitar fizzes and whizzes with colour like a magnesium strip. While the lyrics tell tales of youthful boredom that anyone from a small town can relate to. The song might have a negative disposition, but the energy the band injects into ‘Thursday’ transforms it into a catchy song that refuses to leave your head.

Formerly known as Grafted, the band recently had a rebrand. The new name certainly suits the band’s style, as their songs are like perfectly balanced cocktails – not too sweet and not too sour.

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