NEW MUSIC: ‘Honey’ by Bryony Williams

‘Honey’ serves as the opening track for Byrony Williams’ new EP Conscious with an alluringly gritty guitar sound serving as a captivating introduction. The guitars then partly subside to allow Bryony’s enticing vocals to chronicle an introspective tale of lust and longing infused with ambivalence.

The single’s chorus is painfully catchy, yet with each listen the lyrics seem to grow deeper, provoking an amplifying sense of passionate longing painfully restricted by uncertainty. Rough-hewn guitar riffs drive this piece through its’ unconventional song structure maintaining an alluring emotional intensity.

This intensity is kept throughout the EP, which experiments with intertwining different musical elements resulting in beautifully powerful tracks. Each track is exquisitely unique but they all possess an unmistakable sense of both tenderness and intimacy while also feeling epically expansive.

21-year-old Bryony highlights Wolf Alice and Marika Hackman as influences, but with Conscious she’s managed to create a body of work that is both exceptionally distinct and overwhelmingly captivating.

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