5 For Friday – 13.04.18 – The Scruff

5 For Friday is back! Bedford natives The Scruff have been together through thick and thin since forming a handful of years ago, undergoing a rebuilding process, a line-up shake up with the addition of new lead guitarist Jack and a slight a change in their sound. They are quite simply the epitome of modern day British indie-rock, their energetic and equally moving live performances leave you in awe of this quartet – who simply leave it all on stage.

The Scruff recently dropped their music video for their fiery latest release ‘White Flag’ – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E9zGQfhIPYo

We asked the guys to pick their five favourite songs, and what they like about them.

George Baker Selection – ‘Little Green Bag’

This track is a cult classic and needs no explanation… Find me someone who doesn’t like this song! If you do, slap them… wait, no. Bring them to us so we can do it.

Johnny Cash – ‘Folsom Prison Blues’

Cash is king. We love the prison tour Cash did. How fucking cool would a prison tour be?! Don’t think you’d get away with it nowadays, would ya?

Baxter Dury – ‘Miami’

That type of 2 bears/streets type of talk/rap vocal really gets us going. Everything about this track is cool. The video makes you wanna be him as well. White suit. Cock sure. Geeza.

Van Morrison – ‘T.B. Sheets’

Just under 10 minutes of absolute emotional torture without actually saying too much. We think it’s about his missus being ill with T.B. and the last moments he spent with her. Whether we are right or wrong it makes us feel that way.

HAUS – ‘Shameless’

We think everything these boys put out is class, it was actually hard to pick one out. Incredible live show as well. If you haven’t already checked these lot out – FIX UP!

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