NEW MUSIC: ‘TMSN’ by Tipling Rock

Boston based, beach pop quartet Tipling Rock return with their almighty new track ‘TMSN’. A brooding drone kicks off this marvelous indie-pop anthem before a thunderous drumbeat intrudes and the track is forced to take a rather groovy turn.

A commanding vocal opens the first verse, ‘The evening’s slipping out of hand, and I just hope you understand.’ sings lead vocalist Ben.

For those enquiring ‘TMSN’ is an abbreviation of ‘tell me something new’, and the lyricism that’s scattered across the tracks chorus identifies just that. ’Ahh tell me something new. Ahh tell me something new. I need a line that I can hold on to,’ echoes throughout this enigmatic anthem.

Shimmering guitar melodies and steady drum rhythms make ‘TMSN’ a splendid indie track to be reckoned with. ‘TMSN’ will have you singing along to its recognisable melodies and will have you shrieking harmonious ‘ahh’s’ as you join in with its most poignant lyric.

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