We spoke with Southend-based band Youth Club to find out their position on the whole pineapple on pizza debate, and we asked about their newest, and quite possibly their best single to date ‘The Man That I Am’.

Your latest release The Man That I Am is awesome, can you tell us a little more about it?

We produced it with a wizard called Clint, he made us work our little ass’s off to make it funky and sexy.

You smashed a secret hometown set at Village Green last year, how did that feel?

Felt amazing, felt HOT, and just nice to catch up with so many people. What a great day it was.

If music didn’t exist, what do you think you guys would be up to?

Un-employed i guess.

What’s the best thing about living in Southend?

When you get to witness two drunk people (who can barely stand by the way) fight outside of the boozer along the seafront.

What have you got planned for rest of the year?

More music, more gigs!

Are there any artists you guys are enjoying listening to right now?

SG Lewis has a banging new tune out at the moment. Will Heard, Martin Luke Brown, Cameron Bloomfield & Lydia Kitto all are super cool!

Does pineapple belong on a pizza – yay or nay?


Any last words?

Please support artists by buying their music or streaming it so many times your fingers erode from pressing repeat.

You can purchase Youth Club’s new single The Man That I Am on iTunes here.

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