INTERVIEW: Dave C. Rupert

Up and coming artist Dave C. Rupert has already created a serious buzz with help from online followers. After kicking off 2018 with the release of his debut single, and performing support slots for The Night Café and The Wombats, his career is quickly gaining momentum. We caught up with Dave to talk about UK music, influences and what to expect next!

So tell us a little bit more about yourself?

I’m a singer-songwriter based in Manchester. I’ve been writing songs and performing since I was a teenager, so it’s something I’ve always grown up with really. I moved to Manchester to study opera at Uni, but while I was studying I met so many amazing musicians. Now three of my mates now form the live band which is pretty sick!

Who would you say your major musical influences would be?

I kind of flick between a lot of different stuff to be honest. I loved the singer-songwriter John Martyn when I growing up, and he’s the guy that made me want to pick up the guitar. His style was so rhythmic and flowing, and he was definitely someone I looked up to growing up. There’s so much amazing music coming out of the UK at the moment in so many different genres… I think that inspires me a lot.

You recently released your debut track “Taunt” which is packed full of emotion, whats the meaning behind it?

It’s a song about being a jealous/paranoid boyfriend and not dealing with long distance relationships very well. It’s quite an angry song, haha! We shot a video for the track in South London with an amazing director Dan French. He really physicalised all those emotions and tried to play on this idea of tension and release between two people. It’s very moody!

Whats next for you?

The next single is going to be out February 23rd which is exciting, and then we’ve got a headline show coming up and some more dates being announced soon.

Keep up to date with what Dave C. Rupert is up to below:

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