Y Not Just Photoshop? The Sherlocks in Line-Up Uproar

Barnsley-based band The Sherlocks were subject to unwanted attention earlier this week, causing controversy after the quartet announced that they are playing at Y Not Festival in Derbyshire.

Unfortunately though, it turned out to be a complete PR blunder, as fans quickly discovered that the alternative-rock group had photoshopped their name higher in the billing, switching their name in place of Reading’s finest foursome – The Amazons.

Unexpectedly, it all got a little bit hashtag awks.

The Sherlocks – who shot to fame by growing their social media followers by mass following and unfollowing accounts shortly after the release of their debut single ‘Live for the Moment’ began blocking Twitter accounts of outraged independent/alternative music lovers and festival goers for calling the quartet out on the switcheroo.

Though they’ve now deleted their original tweet, it has undoubtedly caused a stir behind the curtains of the music industry.

The Amazons who played at our first ever Turtle Tempo showcase are set to go on a UK tour later this year, and have not spoken publicly about the disrespectful incident.

Let’s not get too hasty, we doubt Sherlocks vs Amazons will now kick off and be anything like a Blur vs Oasis rivalry, but it was something that The Sherlocks really didn’t need attention for.

On the other hand though – it’s pretty great PR for Y Not Festival itself.

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