NEW MUSIC: ‘The Ways of Your Love’ by Carmody

Our love affair with Carmody continues with mystical release ‘The Ways of Your Love’.

Written at home, The Ways of Your Love flaunts breathtakingly on a knife-edge between being heart-warming, soul searching and just generally haunting.

With a stripped-back kind of cinematic vibe, it’s just wonderful stuff once again from the vocally exceptional South-east Londoner.

“I wanted to write about the electricity you can have with someone even though you have nothing in common,” says Carmody, before adding – “Go where your body takes you, sometimes.”

The singer-songwriter regularly posts on their Instagram story (@thisiscarmody) a plethora of unedited verses to potentially new musical creations, it’s pretty intriguing to witness first-hand how Carmody’s writing process comes into fruition.

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