Los Angeles dynamic glam-rock husband and wife duo KOLARS first caught our attention with their incredible track ‘One More Thrill’. An impressive debut album followed by appearances at Dot To Dot and Great Escape earned the duo a legion of fans in the UK. We caught up with the husband and wife duo after their nationwide October tour!


The video for ‘Dizzy’ is literally out of this world, what inspired it?

Thank you! We collaborated with our talented friend Trevor Wiggins on the video – great director. We knew we wanted something spacey and galactic and futuristic and fun. But a lot of those ideas just came from trying a bunch of different concepts and throwing them all together and seeing what fit. The idea of the many dancing Lauren’s came from our lack of backup dancers and talent as choreographers, haha.

How did you get together as a band?

We met years ago as friends and fell in love – never having the intention of being in a band together! About 8 years ago we both joined a band called He’s My Brother She’s My Sister and started going down that road. KOLARS evolved from there. Although it’s not always the easiest thing working with your mate, it’s still quite a magical experience.

One More Thrill is such a powerful opener on your debut album, could you tell us a bit more about the track?

We live in a world that’s a bit of a conveyer belt society. Same pattern for each of us. This song is about breaking free from that mold-and making what you want out of your life.

You’ve just finished your UK tour, how was it?

It was amazing and the shows have gone off! We love it there, great people, great humor, great breakfasts. Lots of rain, but we can take it.

Finally, what can we expect from Kolars in the future?

More music, more touring, more videos-all of it. Will be back this spring for more shows and festivals! See you soon…

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