INTRODUCING: The Long Islands

Nottingham-based The Long Islands have released their seven-track debut EP ‘After Hours’, the three-piece formed in 2015 during university, where numerous jamming sessions commenced, Long Island Iced Teas were consumed – which then gave them their band name!

The all-male indie-rock trio consisting of Dan Lyons (lead vocals and guitar), Matthew Kempa (drums), Rhys Thomas (bass guitar) hail from various corners of the U.K, and the second single titled ‘Sincerity’ draws you in right from the start with no-nonsense funky guitar riffs, with a broody, punk-feel, f*** it vibe throughout the entire EP.

If Hard Fi and King No One had a baby then it’d probably be something close to The Long Islands.

My personal favourite from the newcomers’ EP is ‘Sour’.

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