NEW MUSIC: ‘Oceans’ by Duane Forrest

If you’re in need of a summer chill out track that can also make you dance, then look no further. Duane Forrest’s latest track ‘Oceans’ has an infectious beat, partly due to the remix by Rhythm Slaves.

It starts with Forrest strumming casually on his guitar, as his words invoke images of summer; from endless days on a beach, to dancing all night with friends.

Forrest’s album The Climb is out now and ‘Oceans’ is a fine example of what to expect from the singer-songwriter. He has a charm about him; a positivity that comes from travelling the world and embracing other cultures. Although Forrest was born and raised in Toronto, Canada, he has spent time in Mexico, Honduras and Puerto Rico, taking the opportunity to learn languages and musical instruments.

Duane Forrest is an artist that deserves accolades for his music. This is a musician everyone should be listening to. Forrest can pull people across genres into a midway point, where music is music and tribes don’t exist.


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  1. Love this song & album

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