NEW MUSIC: ‘Education Kills’ by The Vex

The Vex have treated us to the video for their latest single ‘Education Kills’. From the outset it has clear similarities to ‘London Calling’ by The Clash.

The energetic, rigid guitars force feet to stomp along in time, a signature of Joe Strummer’s performances. The location of the video might be different, but the landmark in the background is more famous than the one in The Clash’s video.

The song itself is a tribute to Malala Yousafzai, set to a punk-reggae soundtrack, again, like ‘London Calling’. ‘Education Kills’ has an urgency about it from the first chord. It’s addictive and anthemic, while doing its subject matter a great service. The vile actions of people in today’s world are making The Vex stand up for themselves and others. And as long as selfless artists continue to act as a mouth piece for the many, there is hope yet for a positive future.

The Vex released their self-titled EP back in April, and ‘Education Kills’ is the opening track. There isn’t a better song for the job; it sets the record up in the best way. Keep your eye on this band, they could be the future of guitar music.


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