NEW MUSIC: ‘Star System’ by Since November

Since November are a futuristic electro-pop band from Helsinki. They are at the start of their journey, with ‘Star System’ being their debut single. The band use all types of art, from aural to visionary, to inspire them.

The video for the single is bright and vibrant, and is an ode to functionalist architecture. The strong lines and bold colours add to the band’s futuristic and androgynous sound. While the classical style piano gives a sense of familiarity.  The video is a piece of visual art and the song a poem. Both complement each other while standing on their own.

It’s hard to predict what the future has in store for a band like this. How will they be received in the mainstream? Put it this way. They have a knack for combining different types of art; every element is just as important as the music itself. And there is no doubting Since November’s songwriting ability. If the band can replicate, or improve on, ‘Star System’ then the band’s future looks bright.


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