NEW MUSIC: ‘Eyes Fixed On The Sun’ by Atlas Wynd

Atlas Wynd is a band on top of their game. Huw Stephens recently gave the band his seal of approval, and it’s not hard to hear why. The Brighton-based trio is Peter Chapman (vocals/guitar), Harry Sotnick (drums) and Sam Evans (bass). Originally from North East England, the band migrated down south to study. Atlas Wynd is making an impression on the live scene, and it’s due to their songwriting ability.

‘Eyes Fixed On The Sun’ stands out on its own due to the use of distorted slide guitar. The slide and distortion combine to give the illusion that the guitar is doused in analogue tape delay. This classic production technique is used to create an echo. Also, it adds a trippy vibe that gives the song depth. One for the tech-heads amongst you.

‘You’re On My Mind’ is the second half of the double A-side. It’s more punk in nature, hence exhibiting the band’s ability to switch from intricate songwriting to a raw, edgier sound.

Atlas Wynd is an intriguing band at the beginning of their career. Yet, they are one of a few bands that are on the verge of a major breakthrough. So, look out for them at festivals this summer, because if they carry themselves onstage as well as they do in the studio, then you won’t be disappointed if you catch them.

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