NEW MUSIC: ‘Starlight’ by Richard Walters

Richard Walters knows how to write atmospheric ballads. One listen to his most recent album ‘A.M,’ especially the song Awards Night will confirm this. His latest single Starlight continues in the same vein. It is a celebration of birth and an outpouring of grief, as the song reflects on the year Walters’ first child was born, but also the death of his closest friend.

“Man, you should have been there,” Walters sings. It really is heartbreaking. He captures the emotions of the two events perfectly in one song.

The lyrics are perfectly chosen and would work well as a poem, but the delicate piano represents the fine line between life and death. The song is a window that allows us an insight into Walters’ private life. This song is as about as honest as it gets, and listeners will appreciate that.

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