NEW MUSIC: “Wish I Could” by The Wandering Hearts

The Wandering Hearts were discovered within half an hour of uploading their first demo. It’s easy to see why. Although their music has firm country roots, there’s obvious pop, alt-folk and rock influences thrown into the mix too.

Their debut song ‘Wish I Could’ has emotional lyrics and soaring harmonies but it’s also undeniably catchy. The song starts off gently with a solo male vocal but then perfect sister-like harmonies thrust the song into something more into a more textured and powerful phase.

This song takes overt influences from the likes of First Aid Kit, Of Monster and Men and the legendary Fleetwood Mac but is still an beautiful innovative piece of work. Hopefully, band members AJ, Chess, Tim and Tara can keep up the good work as they prepare further releases through the illustrious Decca Records.

Their popularity continues grow as they’ve already been featured on the BBC and ITV. Make sure you catch them at one of their festival dates this summer while you still have the chance to see them on intimate side stages. Check out all their upcoming live dates HERE.


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