NEW MUSIC: ‘How Goldfish Grow’ by Plastic Barricades

Plastic Barricades is a band that seems to be very good at doing their own thing. And this has not gone unnoticed. The north-west London outfit has won the Hard Rock Café London Global Battle of the Bands. They also won Camden Rocks 2014 and Enfield Battle of the Bands 2016. Add those wins to a bunch of ‘best new artist’ nominations and it’s hard to find a bad word to say about them.

The band are Dan Kert (guitar, keyboards and vocals), Daniele Borgato (bass) and Frazer Webster (drums). With lead guitar coming from Jonas Svendsen on “How Goldfish Grow” and other songs off their ‘Mechanics Of Life’ LP.

Latest single ‘How Goldfish Grow’ took a couple of plays before it began to grow on me. At first, the sound is recognisable and you’d be forgiven for placing it in the standard indie-pop bucket. The opening melody, although catchy and fun, is a uniform melody for the genre. But, what I really love about this song is vocalist Dan Kert’s singing style. The way he delivers his lines and pronounces certain words is unique; he really owns his words.

The track builds well and by the time we’re into the second half my feelings towards the track mellow. Not due to boredom, but because I start to see the individuality of the band’s sound. The track is alive and the instruments move around and through one another. All the little melodies and components build to a wonderful crescendo. And the guitar solo is killer.

I challenge anyone who says they weren’t dancing and singing along after three listens. I’m going head first into number four. Nice work.


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