PREMIERE: “Fruit Of The Loot” by Eat The Evidence

Eat The Evidence bring us another satirical look at British life. This is something the band specialise in and they smash it every time. These merry men can take the irony and nonsense of everyday life and turn it into a damn good song, much like NOFX do.

“Fruit Of The Loom” is the lead song from the band’s new album, which is out 9th June. The song follows the usual formula of witty lyrics and upbeat, ska-esque music. The result is a scathing attack on the old empire. Have a watch of the video below.

It is an excellent example of what’s to come from the record. If you sway to the political left then Eat The Evidence will provide hours of fun, especially in the build-up to the election.

Eat The Evidence is Jack and Tom Lattimer, Ric Lygo, Joe Bartlett and Michael Saminaden. The band hail from Southend-on-Sea and come armed with an array of instruments including trumpet, ukulele and slide whistle.

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