EP REVIEW: “Tiny Eyes” by Tiny Eyes

Tiny Eyes is the self-titled, first release from Joel Evans’ solo project. It is the result of a transitioning from angst-rock frontman to poetic troubadour.

Evans’ mission is to continue in the footsteps of John Lennon and The Flaming Lips. To write songs with understated lyrics, that don’t confuse the listener with too much poetic licence or artistic drivel.

He explains: “So many of my favourite artists seem to have this understated, casual way with lyrics. They aren’t constantly trying to hit you with the emotional sledgehammer. I wanted to carry on that more subtle approach to songwriting.”

The songs are centred around his upright piano from the 1920s. As you might expect, this companionship results in intimate songs that expose the singer’s soul.

Opening song “Falling” is a classic love ballad about a man falling in love with a girl. Early in the song, Evans uses some well-chosen words to describe his sleeping girl. Once upon a time, this would have been a romantic gesture. By today’s standards, it paints a creepy picture. Fortunately, I carry a torch for past traditions. The words are elegant and timeless.

The EP continues in the same vein, with Evans venting his innermost thoughts to his piano. The tempo rarely changes, but I don’t think this is a negative thing. The songs work well together to create an almost religious experience. The songs are like prayers and Evans is the preacher. And the simplicity of the lyrics is refreshing. It would have been easy for him to pull out the Thesaurus and go to town with complex words and phrases.

The EP is due out 19 May. Do give it a listen, maybe in a hot bath with some candles.


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