PREMIERE: ‘Awaken’ by Saints Patience

Taken from their upcoming debut album ‘Weather The Storm’ out on May 12th – the London-based rock duo Saints Patience release ‘Awaken’ – a smash title-track hit featured on their new album which feature some real hardcore, gritty guitar riffs, which take you into a time warp back to when The Beatles were around.

Saints Patience, (consisting of multi-instrumentalist Spencer and vocalist Mudibu) effortlessly capture the feel of timeless artists such as the likes of Queen and Led Zeppelin in their upcoming album, and their hit single Awaken does not disappoint the guys. Mudibu’s raw vocals give the single an edge as he belts out “I just can’t keep away from you” at the end of each ridiculously catchy chorus.

Speaking about what their new album captures, Mudibu comments: “an expression of emotions that are both political and relational in context. It’s a sifting through of what really resonates with oneself and the surrounding environment. The same emotions can be individual but they are experienced by many in varied contexts. The notion of bravery in the face of these emotional challenges is implied in the album title “Weather The Storm”.

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