NEW MUSIC: ‘Back Around’ by Harry Strange

Harry Strange has released his hugely anticipated debut single ‘Back Around’. The 19-year-old has been working away in the studio perfecting his debut track, and it’s certainly one for fans of the likes of Billy Lockett and Cape Cub.

The singer-songwriter, who finds inspiration from the likes of Aurora, Aquilo and Bon Iver tells us “I find their style of writing so clever and bold, but whilst at the same time being super delicate and intricate”. You can certainly see it too from Back Around that Strange mirrors the writing technique that his personal musical influences do in his emotionally raw, captivating, epic release.

Speaking on the meaning of his song, “Back Around started from someone who kept coming into my life every few months for short periods of time, and it’s one of those mixed emotions of really hating it but also wanting more of it and craving for more.”

Thankfully, we won’t have to wait too long to hear more from Harry Strange either. “I’m currently in the studio with a few producers working on new material!” he continues “I hope to explore new genres and sounds and push myself out of my comfort zone a bit, so hopefully people will like it!”

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