Encarla are a four-piece alternative rock band from Surrey who have recently performed their first gig at The Fiddler’s Elbow in Camden. With such a new group it can be difficult to find a place in the industry but these four are off to a great start with their debut single ‘Sick and Tired’ which carries a resemblance to old school Paramore and Tonight Alive.

With strong vocals and a consistent beat in the background, it’s easy to tell that these guys mean business. We had a chat with them following their first performance so you, our lovely readers, can get to know them better at the very start of their journey.
So, tell us about the band name. What does it mean? Any stories behind it? 

Alex (bass): We just like how it sounds. We’re still trying to work out what it means but we’ll let you know.

How did you guys meet and become a band? 

Andrea: (drums): We all met in various different projects but we all knew of each other. We decided to work together as we were all interested in writing a different style of music than what we were working on and we all get on really well.

Loving the first track, tell us about the writing process and what inspired it. 

Ed: (Guitar & Vocals) Thank you! I had the riff in my head whilst walking to vote for the local election haha, along with the hook line sick and tired so when I got home I started working on it and the whole thing pretty much came together in one evening. It was only the bridge that took a little bit longer, then it was just a case of jamming together to work out the kinks.

How would you describe your band to somebody that didn’t know who you were? 

Alex: Catchy hooks meets post-hardcore and as much sass as we can cram in without turning into Queen Latifah!

Who would you say are your biggest influences in music? 

Freddie: (Vocals): Halestorm, Marmozets, All Time Low, Chuck-Era Sum-41, Black Stone Cherry

Tell us something about yourselves that we don’t know. 

Freddie: I was in a dance troupe before I injured my knee, a few of the places we performed were Blue Peter, Move Like Michael Jackson and at Latitude. I also met Princess Anne!

Ed: I love to surf, I like to go as often as I can.

Andrea: I love street arts and street dancing, I also used to do a little bit of breakdancing for fun.

Alex: No one has ever taken a picture of me sneezing.

What’s next? Any upcoming plans? 

Freddie: We are in the middle of recording another single, trying to gig as much as possible and then we’ll see.

Here are their upcoming dates, make sure to go along:

April 8th, Basingstoke, Sanctuary

April 10th, Guildford, The Star Inn

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