Whilst in the process of recording their debut EP, Swindon-based quartet GETRZ graciously took time out of their busy schedule to answer a few questions.

So, who does what in the band?
Dec – Lead Guitar/Vocals
Josh – Rhythm Guitar/Vocals
Dan – Drums
Toby – Bass

How did you get to know each other before the band took shape?
Toby – Me and Josh met each other back in college in our music tech class and I can remember conversation about kicks and garms along the way. I was on a night out and bumped into Josh where he put forward the idea of being in the band.
Dan – I met Declan at the age of 4 years old I bit his hand and now we’re best friends! Along with the childhood bands and growing up together.
Dec – I met Josh at the same college Toby went too and we used to chill at lunch time pissing about. We both knew that each other was into music but never knew it could work!
Josh – I met Dan through Declan after years of knowing each other.

What are your first experiences of music?
Toby – I met Kasabian at the age of 8 which is probably the first experience of music.
Dan – At the age of 9, I tried learning guitar but then gave up until the age of 12 to begin playing drums in a band with Declan in year 6 at school.
Dec – My first proper experience of music was when I joined my first band, Fracture.
Josh – My first experience of music was when I started to learn the guitar at the age of 8 after listening to a lot of Green Day and Busted.

What was the first serious music you remember hearing?
Toby – Foo Fighters at my grandad’s house.
Dan – Same as Toby, remembers the Foo Fighters from the start.
Dec – George Micheal in my dad’s whip.
Josh – I remember Ian Drury being played in my house a lot. Alongside ska legends like Madness etc.

Who are some of your musical influences?
Toby – Lower than Atlantis, King Krule & Frank Carter.
Dan – Foo Fighters, Nirvana & Slipknot.
Dec – The 1975, Red Hot Chilli Peppers & Jeff Buckley.
Josh – Ed Sheeran, Catfish and the Bottlemen & Skepta.
As a band – I think we can all agree as a band we have been influenced by a lot more people. We have just converged it all together to create this new “Indie/Grime” genre that we are breaking out onto the local scene with. With a hint of grunge.

Whats your favourite songs to play live to an audience?
As a band – We love playing every song in our set list. We just cannot narrow it down as they’re all individually fun to play! They will have you all dancing away and agreeing to the topical lyrics used in them! However, the ones that are exceptionally wavey are “Mary”, “What He Said” and “Ya Missus”.

What are your plans for the future?
As a band – Our debut EP is currently in the pipelines! We’re looking forward to getting everything recorded and then push our music to more people. We take every opportunity we get to play festivals, gigs and events. We would also love to have our own merch at some point!

To finish up, tell us a little something about each of you.
Toby – I like collecting mad garms and also laying down the deepest vibrations in the band. Oh and I’m the chubbiest member in the band.
Dan – I love jamming to a rhythm and spending my nights on a mad one with the boys.
Dec – I enjoy laying down sick licks and also mad riffs which get everyone going. My go to munch is caramel nibbles.
Josh – I love having mad nights with the boys, getting together writing new tracks and working on current ones. When I get on stage with 3 of my brothers I tend to loose control a little bit and go mad, which gives me a massive rush!

Watch out for the boys debut EP that’ll be out very soon and head on over to their social media for more. Big thanks to Toby, Dan, Dec and Josh for answering these questions. You can catch up and coming GETRZ at : VICFEST Swindon – Thursday 13th of April and LEVEL 3 Swindon – Thursday 20th of April. For more information check out :

INSTAGRAM: @getrzband

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