ALBUM REVIEW: ÷ by Ed Sheeran

Yes yes yes, we know we’re an independent/alternative music discovery website but extraordinary talent needs to be recognised when it’s there and plain for everyone to see like Ed Sheeran is.

÷ follows on from previous albums + and x, any guesses for what the next album will be called? You have to feel the Yorkshire-born, Suffolk-raised singer-songwriter will struggle when he runs out of mathematical equations to give names to his albums.

You certainly cannot subtract anything from ÷. A lot of well-known artists release music consistently whether the music is good or bad, it still sells and ends up in the UK Top 40 because of who is selling it, Ed Sheeran doesn’t follow the crowd of the musical talented though. You won’t find a hit on the 16-track album that doesn’t blow your mind.

“Love could change the world in a moment, but what do I know?” – Ed Sheeran (What Do I Know?)

I first discovered Ed Sheeran through Example (Elliot Greave) when both of the guys were on a UK-wide tour through the witty ‘Nando’s Skank’ freestyle which has since been viewed millions of times since I viewed the video before either artists were in the public spotlight. Do I get a prize for knowing them before they were famous or do I just get that super smug feeling inside?

Since then, nobody could have projected the rise of Ed Sheeran. The former busker has grown strength to strength song after song and album after album. Will we ever source a track from Ed Sheeran that disappoints? I strongly doubt it.

‘÷’ certainly has its own romantic wedding dance tracks placed inside of it with the likes of ‘Perfect’, but amongst the musical euphoria that the lyrical genius creates, roses red become lily’s white with the ultimately heartbreaking hit ‘Supermarket Flowers’.

With a tough 2016 for many across the world and an uncertain future for many people that have their own personal battles, Ed sends us on an emotional rollercoaster in his own effortlessly relaxed, admirable style.

We’d totally grab tickets to his gigs if they didn’t sell out within seconds and end up on certain infamous ticket resell websites, but until then, I guess we’ll all sit in our beds in the middle of the night shamelessly admiring the music and the talent of one of the greatest musicians to grace our lifetime.

It turns out +, x, and ÷ equals the genius that is Ed Sheeran.

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