NEW MUSIC: ‘Idle Stranger’ by Miccoli

Three piece eclectic band Miccoli have released the video for their latest single ‘Idle Stranger’.

The siblings have been a band for the past four years and never fail to surprise us with their ability to make every lyric and every note carry a sense of meaning and desire. The newest song is a representation of their artistic ability and development, when comparing it to their older videos you see the raw workings of the group.

Later on this year we can expect an album release where many of the songs that will appear on it have videos to go along with them that have been shot in various countries, Idle Stranger is the first of these to be released. It includes a lot of pan camera movements which gives the viewer a first person perspective of the area in which it is shot. Something really fascinating with the video is the way it has been structured so that in every tiny clip there is only one member of the band, in a strange kind of way it helps us to feel more connected to them.

The song itself starts off with a soft repetitive riff which gradually builds up into the recognisable soft harmonies that any fan will know and love. It maintains these throughout the four minute masterpiece, with a slight shift of tone around halfway through. It has a very dreamy feel to it and is something fans of practically any genre would enjoy, it definitely would not feel out of place on a modern radio. It’ll be available from 24th February but is available to pre-order on iTunes now.

You can have a look for yourselves here:


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