LIVE REVIEW: Circa Waves @ The 1865, Southampton

Circa Waves have had quite the year so far, recently playing two nights at North London’s notorious Alexandra Palace as support for Two Door Cinema Club. But before that, they felt that things needed to be brought back down to earth. A gig in a miscellaneous city in a minuet venue seemed the appropriate way to do so.

The 1865, Southampton’s undiscovered gem, was the minuet venue of choice. Plagued with the summery vibes that Circa Waves’ discography emanates, the 750-strong crowd were enthusiastic and engaged. The band’s short but sweet set captivating all that viewed, danced and sang along to it. Fan favourites ‘T-Shirt Weather’ and ‘Stuck in My Teeth’ left the room in a frenzy, with each and every crowd member with their arms high in the air.

Mingled in amongst the debut’s highlights were a selection of new songs. The second album, ‘Different Creatures’ is due out in just over a month. Heavier and more robust than the first, new songs ‘Stuck’ and ‘Fire That Burns’ offer promise. A deeper familiarisation with the new version of Circa Waves will be required to appreciate this material better. A few more gigs like tonight should do the trick.

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