NEW MUSIC: ‘Brushed Down Kilos’ by James Quick

New Orleans based singer-songwriter James Quick came to rise in 2016 with the release of his debut EP “Leftovers”; a soulful release rendering listeners captivated by James’ heart wrenching lyrical honesty.

It’s no surprise to learn that James first unearthed his unwavering passion for music early on in his life, through playing guitar in his high school jazz band, as this style remains evident in his music today.

James’ most recent track “Brushed Down Kilos” showcases a seamless transition from the dreamlike piano-lull of his earlier releases to edgier, dirtier guitar riffs and punchier bass lines. Soft opening notes calm listeners into a false sense of security before they are plunged into dark and brutally honest lyrical themes. James’ signature raspy vocals effortlessly accompany this. The result; a sound that is comparable to an unprecedented yet remarkable lovechild of Royal Blood and John Mayer.

It is perhaps his willingness to experiment that sets James apart from other artists. There is undoubtedly an increasing pressure on artists from their fans to keep cranking out the same stuff. It’s refreshing to see an artist who is unafraid to remodel his sound. “Brushed Down Kilos” is hands down James’ most innovative release to date. It combines catchy hooks with powerful melodies, making it a crucial addition to any playlist.

James’ second EP “Oceanside” will boast 7 full-length tracks, lyrically summarising his hectic past year in the spotlight. 2016 saw James dropping out of school to pursue his musical career. This was a risky decision, but one that has evidently paid off.  The EP is set to be released in mid-2017, following his latest publication – a double single titled “Youth, Dreams, and Reality”. The wait, for me at least, should be agonising. In the mean-time, don’t hesitate to give “Brushed Down Kilos” a listen!

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