A Chat with Secret Cameras

Secret Cameras are a four-piece indie band made up of Itamar (vocals, guitar & synths), Kristian (lead guitar, synth), Sam (bass) and Dimitris (drums). They have recently appeared on radio stations across the UK including The London Ear and BBC Radio 6. Late last year they released their debut single ‘Going Places’ which is a fusion of “indie meets synth pop” explains Itamar who we were lucky enough to speak to.

Each member of the band has previously had experience working within the industry as part of other music projects. Separately they have been on the club NME tour, toured across America and played at tons of festivals including Leeds before finding each other on Gumtree and forming what we now know as Secret Cameras.

With so many musicians out there, it can be difficult to find a name that stands out amongst the rest. We were surprised to learn that it didn’t really have a deep meaning. Itamar talks about how difficult it is to find a name that doesn’t exist already and how it was Kristian who threw the name into the air before it stuck. Even though there is no backstory behind it, it’s definitely one that can be easily remembered. This is so important with listeners that may stumble across the band without seeking them out, particularly at shows with multiple artists playing.

As a relatively new band they create their music from a home studio which has benefitted them hugely in terms of their ability to have complete creative control and no time restrictions on how long they can work. “I think that home studios are one of the best things technology has given us in the last few years. It’s becoming increasingly popular for most bands and I mean for us it’s been wonderful” he explains and as the main songwriter for the band we can only imagine how helpful it is when those random bursts of inspiration hit. So what influences their music was our next question. “At the moment it’s about things that have happened or are happening in my life and things that I see around me” which supports the lyrical arrangement in their single which questions whether a relationship is going to lead to anything more.

It’s set to be an exciting year for them and you should all strive to be a part of it. Their follow up single It Doesn’t Matter is due to be released in a couple of weeks and on March 17th they have their EP Launch at 229 Venue London. It’s going to be really interesting to see how the music on it differs from what we have already heard. “I think it’s going to have different feels to different tracks so it’s a bit eclectic. Some are more indie and some more synth. Some tracks are very moody and melancholic and some are a bit happy, so there will be different moods and different tempos” he explains. It’s so refreshing to see a band striving towards creating a diverse record that will appeal to such a wide range of people.

In the summer they will also be playing Camden Rocks alongside Moses, The Urban Voodoo Machine and Hey! Hello! “We are definitely looking forward to the EP launch and the single release and hopefully great things will come” finishes Itamar. We have no doubt great things will happen in the very near future.

[embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kwleoRWPlFE%5B/embedyt%5D

You can grab your tickets to see them here:

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