NEW MUSIC: “Losing Your Love” by Paris Youth Foundation

We’re going to give you the pleasure of being introduced to the incredibly talented Liverpudlian band Paris Youth Foundation. Their new single “Losing Your Love” has grabbed the attention of many, from The Music Ninja to BBC Radio 1.

Paris Youth Foundation is astonishingly underrated with their own signature sound that sets them far apart from other bands. With such a strong title like “Losing Your Love”, one may worry the track is melancholic and would set them deep into the winter blues we all wish to avoid. However, this song is anything but lugubrious. The sound fills you with this wave of energy that, regardless of how especially uplifting it is, remains soothing to the listener. This track will surely have you singing along once that replay button is pressed.

Keep up to date with Paris Youth Foundation here for announcements regarding their upcoming shows.

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