The 10 Best Breakthrough Acts of 2016 | 3 & 4

The 10 Best Breakthrough Acts of 2016 is our very own countdown of some of the best artists that have set the blogosphere alight in the last 12 months. We guarantee that if you haven’t heard of any of these acts, you’ll certainly be in awe of them now.

We’ll be winding down to Christmas and counting up two at a time as we name our #10 favourite acts of the year. You can see who finished 5th and 6th in our list here.

At #4 is Ded Rabbit, they’re proof that Britpop isn’t dead – it’s just been revived by these energetic brothers.

You can check out their brand new single “Figuirine” (set for release early in 2017) which we premiered on Turtle Tempo earlier this month right here.

Taking bronze and making our top #3 is The Amazons, who are undisputedly one of the brightest sparks in music right now. The quartet kindly performed on our curated night at Lost In The Manor’s #BLOGTOBER Festival, armed with K.I.S.S make-up, the guys’ set was one hell of a treat and gave the non-paying punters a truly memorable Halloween.

Tomorrow we will announce our top two favourite artists in our 10 Best Breakthrough Acts of 2016 countdown! So make sure you’re prepared, it’s pretty big.

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