The 10 Best Breakthrough Acts of 2016 | 5 & 6

The 10 Best Breakthrough Acts of 2016 is our very own countdown of some of the best artists that have set the blogosphere alight in the last 12 months. We guarantee that if you haven’t heard of any of these acts, you’ll certainly be in awe of them now.

We’ll be winding down to Christmas and counting up two at a time as we name our #10 favourite acts of the year. You can see who finished 7th and 8th in our list here.

is High Tyde, they’ve spoiled us with a pair of energetic electro-pop EP’s in ‘Safe EP’ and ‘Real’. Their drummer Louis Semlekan-Faith says there’s a lot more to come from the musical starlets. These guys are just ready-made for the festival stage.

My favourite release from High Tyde this year has to be “Wine”, it’s just a generally funky track with arguably the best music video of the year to match it.


The Brighton-based lads are supporting The Hunna in January 2017 which is partly sold-out already, but you can grab some tickets to the remaining dates right here.

At number #5 from Liverpool is The Night Café. The band who were formerly known as Bunkbed’ as well as ‘CANVAS’ are more than worthy of their place in our top 5.

With their easy to engage melodies, distinct sound and memorable lyrics they are sure to be a favourable artist that are gaining a rapidly growing fan-following as they continue to tour the UK.


Tomorrow we will announce the respective 4th and 3rd favourites in our 10 Best Breakthrough Acts of 2016 countdown! So buckle up baby, because something big is about to go down.

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