The 10 Best Breakthrough Acts of 2016 | 9 & 10

The 10 Best Breakthrough Acts of 2016 is our very own countdown of some of the best artists that have set the blogosphere alight in the last 12 months. We guarantee that if you haven’t heard of any of these acts, you’ll certainly be in awe of them now.

We’ll be winding down to Christmas and counting up two at a time as we name our #10 favourite acts of the year.

At #10 in our 10 Best Breakthrough Acts of 2016 countdown is the talented The Japanese House aka Buckinghamshire-born Amber Bain. The 20-year-old producer has certainly made a name for herself lately – currently supporting The 1975 on their UK-wide tour, Amber is set to head over to the USA in 2017 for on a busy month-long tour to showcase her undoubted musical talents.

Amber released an EP last month titled ‘Swim Against the Tide’ which, in my opinion, is a work of art that your ears will never ever get sick of. For those who aren’t aware of The Japanese House, immediate comparisons will have to be pointed over towards Oh Wonder ,with similarly mesmerising vocals to the likes of Josephine Vander Gucht, as well as some pretty funky electronic undertones.

Occupying #9 on our super cool artists list is The Genius Buddha Band, a pretty sparsely-known indie act from Stockholm, Sweden, who first burst onto the indie scene in October last year racking up over half a million plays on Spotify, the Swedes released a pair of pretty cool songs this year though in ‘Number Four’ and ‘Bye’.

Tomorrow we will announce the respective 8th and 7th favourites in our 10 Best Breakthrough Acts of 2016 countdown! Buckle up, there’s still a lot of amazing artists to come.

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