NEW MUSIC: “Smoke and Mirrors” by Luna Bay

Four-piece anthemic band Luna Bay have released their second single “Smoke and Mirrors”. Unlike many other indie-rock bands, they have managed to create an uplifting spirit without the use of heavy backing noise.

It creates an energy that we can only imagine to be insane live. Much like their debut single Colours which was released earlier this year, lead singer Connor O’ Mara treats us to his distinctive, mellow voice. He somehow manages to drive us into a kind of trance where we become captivated by every word he sings. His dark yet soothing voice puts us in awe as he tells a story about the importance of being open.

It’s hard to believe that such a new band are able to pull at our heart strings in such a unique way. They will be performing at the Nottinghill Hill’s Art Club in London on the 11th February and it’s definitely one not to miss.

You can check out the video here:


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