RXC is a new project from a secretive 21-year-old, Bristol-based, singer/songwriter/producer. Whoever this individual is, she says that her music is influenced by The XX, Låpsley, and Banks.

The unknown artist’s debut, ‘Falling’, reflects those influences while also showcasing her own distinctive sound. with her ethereal voice backed by electronic instrumentals, giving the song a moody and mystical tone that is absolutely gorgeous.

In her second single ‘Somebody’, she sings of loneliness and the feeling of being an outsider in a familiar place. In the chorus, she sings, “I’m still missing you / And all the nights I’ve wasted, too.” Truly a relatable feeling, if a rather melancholy one. While both of her tracks reveal her songwriting prowess, I found the emotional lyrics of ‘Somebody’ to be especially moving. The lyrics throughout both songs are as stunning as her voice, and I, personally, cannot wait to hear more from RXC.

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