Heralding from the North, there is a new band that is wowing crowds not just in the musically orientated city of Liverpool, but all over the country. But when you are as irresistible as Idle Frets, is it really any wonder?

The Liverpudlian quartet are a beautiful infusion of Catfish and the Bottlemen-esque edge and Sundara Karma’s dreamy sounds.

Songs from their 2015 releases are layered with Nile Rodgers style guitars and synths. Their brand new single ‘Glow’ is anthem indie-rock in the making. A powerful follow-up to an indie-pop base coat.

Idle Frets create the kind of music you would hear whilst sitting in a mustang driving down a Floridan coastline. That kind of conventional sound that every indie band strives for, but very few actually successfully manage. That kind of sound that puts a stamp on the miscellaneous genre of ‘indie’ music and makes it so important and worthwhile.

A band custom made for radio play, they have a heart that grooves and vocals that drip with a sophisticated coolness.

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