EP REVIEW: ‘Open Woods’ by Luna Tides

Welsh folk-rock band Luna Tides released their debut EP Open Woods” on November 24th. It consists of four tracks that each bring a different element to the EP and showcase the band’s distinctive sound.

The EP starts off with the work’s titular song, ‘Open Woods’. Its mellow tone and visual-heavy lyrics take the listener on an adventure through the forest. The song crescendos as it goes on, and ends stronger and more upbeat than it started, which provides for a transition into my favourite track on the EP, ‘Last Night.

The catchy tune tells of the joy that comes with finding new love. Its guitar melody complements the sweet vocals well to give the song a smooth and rich sound. Next up is ‘Luna’, in which the shadowy rhythm gives the song a mysterious vibe. The penultimate track introduces a new, darker side to the lyricism of Luna Tides.

The EP ends with ‘What Comes Around’, which returns to the brighter sound of the first two tracks. Despite the warmth of the beat; the lyrics take on a more somber message. The chorus repeats “what goes around comes around again”, suggesting revenge or the promise of negative karma to a former lover.

Luna Tides say that their songs are inspired by growing up surrounded by the raw and inviting Welsh coastlines, as well as artists such as Fleetwood Mac, Paul Simon, and AURORA.

Purchase ‘Open Woods’ on iTunes here!

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