NEW MUSIC: “Elergy” by August And After

Sometimes in order to get a person to hear what you’re saying loud and clear, you’ll have to speak a little calmer and quietly. August and After use just that same technique to instil the beautiful eerie vibrancy that will pull you deep into their music.

London-founded trio August and After uses every form of sound to create art. Integrating violin, percussion, and both acoustic and synthetic sounds, the band takes advantage of every instrument to paint the perfect scene for you. The vocals stay deep, providing a mysteriously beautiful atmosphere to envelop the listener in a very moving manner.

The lyrics are unlike any other you’d hear nowadays. Their solemnly dark new single starts with the opening line “Take away my gun.” The song keeps its haunting spirit strong throughout its duration, making sure that even the last seconds leave you breathless.

August and After have been featured on Spotify’s “Your Coffee Break”, but this band is on a whole other level with music too heavy, too deep and spiritual to be enjoyed simply on a coffee break.

Catch them this Thursday in Camden! You can also check out their Bandcamp here.


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