NEW MUSIC: ‘Antarctica’ by Blonde Maze

Following the release of her 2015 EP ‘Oceans’, New York-based musician Blonde Maze is back with a brand new single, “Antarctica”.

In her signature indie-electronic style, the track features marimbas and vocal sampling. The emotional lyrics tell a tale of dependence on a passionate connection (“When you leave, I’m cold/ It’s like living in Antarctica, where all my time has gone”). Between the imagery of the lyrics and the bright beat of the music, this song reminds me of an icy winter.

If you like the electro-pop vibe of Lights or the honest emotion of Lorde, you’ll find a nice blend of the two in Blonde Maze. In an interview with Pigeons and Planes, she said of the single, “This track is my way of expressing the realisation of just how close you can get to someone and how beautiful that can be.”

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  1. Amazing article! 10/10! Go Alissa! 😀

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