NEW MUSIC: ‘Alcatraz’ by King No-One

King No-One is a band that we truly cannot get enough of. We’ve already covered their amazing tracks “Halo” and “Stay Close” respectively; and we just can’t help ourselves with their new single “Alcatraz” which was released this last Friday!

There’s a strong Arctic Monkeys feel on Alcatraz, and dare I say… King No-One may have done it even better… There is a whole mix of blues, pop, and indie rock. Lead singer, Zach Lount, never fails to portray emotion in vocals. King No-One makes sure not a single second of their music is lacking energy. “Alcatraz” also has that 80s sound that is coming back to the music scene, showing how up-to-date and hard-working these guys are.

King No-One got you hooked yet? They certainly have captivated the attention and loyalty of fans across the UK, having a sold out UK headline tour! You can still catch them at the following venues down below throughout November and December!

Better yet, why not share their latest Facebook post and tag two friends for a chance to win TWO meet and greet VIP tickets to any tour venue of your choice!


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