NEW MUSIC: ‘Secret Preference’ by Wet Leather

Self-proclaimed ‘anxiety pop’ act Wet Leather have released a seriously nice track to end off and keep us clinging to the summer.

The five-piece have been releasing songs on SoundCloud for a year, and if you have heard them before, this song is different from their other singles.

It’s the usual catchy, cleverly layered sound, yet with a calm and clean pop-twist in this new track.

Despite hailing from New York, there’s a direct influence from the likes of Little Comets and The 1975 in this sound, perhaps combine with the Atlantic coolness of Vampire Weekend, and occasional slips into speech that garnish their sound with a nod of casualness even Julian Casablancas would dig.

A personal highlight in the track is it’s poppy roots; the use of a replica 80s synth combined with hushed falsetto, clean guitars and a disco-esque soundscape provides a crisp and easy listening whilst the lyrical content offers a reassurance and a general feel-good vibe.

This is, for sure, a band to keep an eye on.

On the 12th of November the band are releasing their album, and we at Turtle Tempo are very excited to hear it.

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