INTRODUCING: Natalie Bouloudis

With its haunting theme, dreamy sound, and folky arrangement, Natalie Bouloudis’s debut single “Burning Pier” is a perfect tune for cold November nights.

The East Sussex native’s smoky voice is reminiscent of Florence + The Machine as well as Etta James. Despite this only being her first single, she presents herself as a promising new artist and I certainly look forward to hearing more from her.

Bouloudis has played music since her early childhood. Apart from singing, she plays both the guitar and the clarinet. In 2013, the singer-songwriter started performing under the name Aurora Harbinger and built up a loyal fan base, which crowdfunded her debut record.

You can see her live on Thursday, December 2nd at The Finsbury, London N4 at her Burning Pier single launch.

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